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Hi! I’m Chloe.

... And I warmly invite you to slip away with me for a while. You’re here for a reason -- Whether it’s novelty, adventure, intimacy, relaxation, pleasure, or just an effortless human connection… You have a need, and I want to satisfy that need for you.


Let me cater to your fantasies. Show me your wild side; what sets you on fire? My “naughty but nice” nature, active imagination, and love of all things geek (comic books, sci--fi movies, fantasy novels, etc.) makes me perfectly suited for racy role--playing in slinky costumes. Don’t be fooled by my girl--next--door features and sweet smile; I'm devilishly skilled and I aim to please.


Let me be your partner in mischief. What have you been missing out on? Now's the time to let go of whatever's been holding you back. Never tried Ethiopian food? I'll show you my favorite spot by Lake Merritt. Always wanted to take a dance class? I’ll join you every Friday. Been day--dreaming about your perfect vacation for yearsFuck it, let’s go next week!


Let me show you something real. I value sincere interactions and staying true to myself, which means that you’re getting an authentic girl with authentic thoughts and feelings. Similarly, I want you to feel free to be truly YOU, in all of your you--ness. You deserve a few hours of total, blissful freedom to indulge in your most genuine self. Think of me as your sanctuary in human form.


Let me be your new fixation.


- Chloe

"Licence my roving hands, and let them go

Before, behind, between, above, below."


- John Donne 


About Me

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest (a.k.a. -- the epicenter of bicycle rights, craft beer, and vegan donuts) and have maintained the easygoing, adventurous, and progressive mindset that comes from a childhood spent in such a beautiful place. I'm college educated (Bachelor's in Public Health), and in addition to this lovely moonlighting gig I volunteer as a rape crisis counselor.


A good day usually consists of: waking up at 9am, lounging pants--less around my apartment with a hot cup of tea, heading to my awesome nonprofit where I volunteer during the day, and catching up with friends over dinner in the evening (or just lounging pants--less around my apartment some more, this time with a purring cat and a good movie).


On weekends I enjoy hiking in the redwoods, taking

trips to the beach, and dancing at clubs in the city. My hope over the next year is to see more concerts, independent films, and art exhibitions because I

wanna be, like... cultured and stuff? Join me! :D


Personality--wise, you will find me playful, clever, open--minded, artistic, and warm. I have a knack for making others feel comfortable, and I’m an attentive and empathetic listener. I chose this unconventional path because I am a lover of freedom, novelty, and human connection. Professional companionship gives me an outlet for my creativity, hospitality, and ever--growing collection of hot cosplay outfits ;)

FAQ & Etiquette

How discreet are you?


As discreet as you need me to be! Your privacy is as valuable to me as it is to you.  My “baseline” level of discretion looks something like this:


  • When I screen your personal information I will never share it with anyone else at any time.

  • I will only call or text your phone when you've given me explicit permission to do so. You won't get any unexpected texts (or nudes) from me when you’re at home or in a meeting.


  • I act and dress appropriately for every occasion, as I have no interest in drawing unwanted attention to myself when we are out in public together. Let me know ahead of time if I’ll need to wear something especially formal or modest for our date.


If there's anything else I should know about your discretion needs, please let me know in the comments section of my contact form.

What is proper date etiquette?


  • Let me know if you're running late or need more time to prepare. If I'm traveling to you, I usually have no trouble accommodating time changes, but dates at my incall may need to be cancelled

  • If you're checking into a hotel, email me your room number once you get settled in (OR be prepared to bring me upstairs if the elevators require keycards to access the guest floors)

  • I will check your ID at the door before coming inside/letting you inside. Please have this ready so I don't have to wait in the hall

  • Leave the full donation in an envelope on the bathroom counter

  • If we meet in public, put it inside a "thank you" card, a book, etc

  • Wish I didn't have to say this, BUT... kindly shower ahead of time, brush your teeth (and tongue!), and groom any loose hairs. You're welcome to shower at my place if you're coming straight from work

  • Do not show up drunk or high. I don't mind if you have a few drinks during our session, and I might join you if I'm feeling comfortable, but let's keep everything in moderation for both of our safety

  • If our time comes to an end and you want to extend a little longer, please have additional funds prepared; I can't hang out for free

I’ve never done this before, and I’m super nervous!!


There, there, little dove... You’re in the hands of a patient and approachable “teacher”. I don’t expect you to know exactly what to do our first time; just let me know what you're hoping to experience and ask questions if you’re unsure of what's okay. As long as you read my

website thoroughly and respect my time, rates, and boundaries (which I will make clearly known), I'm sure we'll have a great time. If you're still feeling jittery, I recommend a dinner date (4+ hours) so that we can slowly and organically get to know each other.

What happens if I have to cancel?

Sometimes life gets in the way of a good time! If you need to cancel our date for whatever reason, please provide at least 48hrs notice so that I can re--open my schedule. For cancellations within 48--24 hours of our date I will request a cancellation fee of 25%. For cancellations within 24 hours that fee will be 50%.

What happens if YOU have to cancel?

I will do my absolute best to ensure this doesn't happen, but sometimes life gets in my way, too. If I need to cancel within 24 hours of our date I will offer you a free additional half--hour of my time towards our next date. I'll also provide you with a list of lovely local girlfriends who I've met in--person. Hopefully one of them will be available to replace me and keep you company!

Do you ever tour [insert city here]?


At present, the only two cities I tour are NYC and DC (and typically only for one week per year for both cities).

For everywhere else, you'll need to fly me to your location.

My NYC rates are: +$200 on top of my usual rates.

My DC rates are: +$100 on top of my usual rates.

Do you offer overnights or Fly-Me-To-You dates?


I am open to extended dates/travel dates after I've assessed our chemistry and feel confident that we'll enjoy being around each other for long periods of time. If you're serious about an extended date and we haven't met previously, please include LOTS of information about yourself in your date request!


Dinner dates are so blasé! Can't we do

something else? Something more "active"?


Absolutely! Breaking routine is what I'm all about. I love

art museums, baseball games, amusement parks, music festivals, karaoke, treks around the city, and anything involving the ocean or the outdoors. I’m game for it all -- Try me! ;)



Whoa, cowboy! Please don't contact me if you plan on asking these kinds of questions. I provide a companionship--based experience and you are paying for my time and company. For my safety, I will not see you if your email contains sexual acronyms or graphic descriptions of sexual acts.


"I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees."

- Pablo Neruda

Date  Conditions

At Your Place (Outcall):

Sit back, relax, and let me come to you; I am happy to travel to a Bay Area location of your choosing.

  • I have a 2 hour minimum for all dates

  • Dinner dates must be 4 hours or longer

  • Dates located in the South Bay or North Bay will incur a travel fee (see rates).

At My Place (Incall):

I absolutely love playing hostess! Let me book the hotel room for us and take a load off your mind.

  • I have a 2 hour minimum for all dates

  • My incall locations are exclusively 4--star San Francisco hotels in Union Square/FiDi
  • I only offer incalls in downtown SF, so if you prefer to meet anywhere else in the Bay, please arrange an outcall location

Tours (NYC and DC):


Once or twice a year you might get lucky enough to catch me in your neck of the woods! Tour dates will be posted on my Twitter page, typically 1--2 months prior to my visit.

  • My incall locations are typically in Midtown (for NYC) and Dupont Circle (for DC), but are subject to change depending on hotel availability
  • Deposits of 25% are required to confirm your date. I take deposits in the form of GiftRocket gift cards (sent at least 1 week in advance).

  • I can travel up to 30 mins outside of Manhattan or central/downtown DC for a travel fee of $200


Let's go on an adventure together! I'm available for extended dates around the globe on a case--by--case basis.

  • All overnight or fly--me--to--you dates must be at least 18hrs with 9hrs allotted for sleep. This gives us plenty of time for a 5hr dinner in the evening and a languid 4hr brunch in the morning!

  • Longer/multi--day dates are possible and will be arranged hourly, not as a "package". I prefer the flexibility of this arrangement, and I think you will, too.


At Your Place (Outcall):

2 Hours  -  $1400


3 Hours  -  $1700


4 Hours  -  $2000


5 Hours  -  $2200


(Dates located in the South Bay, North Bay, or East of the Oakland Hills will incur a travel fee of $200-$300)

For these dates I am available on...


Monday - Saturday

Between 3pm - 11pm


At My Place (Incall):

2 Hours  -  $1600


3 Hours  -  $1900

For these dates I am available on...


Monday - Saturday

Between 3pm - 6pm


Tours (NYC and DC):

NYC: +$200 on top of standard rates

DC: +$100 on top of standard rates

For these dates I am available on...

Posted tour dates (on my Twitter page)

Between noon - 10pm



Customizable! 18 hour minimum (including 9 hours of sleep)

~ Rates will be given to serious inquiries only ~

For these dates I am available on...


Any day of the week with advance notice and a ~25% deposit + travel coverage

"Whatever happens with us, your body will haunt mine"

- Adrienne Rich


Contact Me Here!

I'm so flattered that you'd like to spend time with me! I'm in the midst of a complete website overhaul with updated photos, FAQs, favorites, and other important goodies.


In addition to a new website I will be taking on a personal assistant to help manage my inbox and streamline the screening & scheduling process.


To maintain my focus during this extensive creative project I will be abstaining from new dates until my site has finished (established clients in good standing are welcome to inquire about my availability in the meantime).

Expected site launch is sometime in April 2022.


 If you would like to receive an update once that happens, please leave your preferred email address below:

Thanks for submitting! xoxo